Beloved JAALifestylers

We bring you incredible news to end the month of October.


It is with great enthusiasm that we are sharing this newsletter with you today!

Firstly, we have received an update from EEHHAAA about their Advertising Programme.

They are rapidly growing their sales teams in many countries and sales have started to pick up on a big scale. This will bring a rapid increase in the paid ads going out to EEHHAAA members in the near future.

Important Clarification

It has become clear to us that a lot of people are thinking that JAALifestyle and EEHHAAA are the same company. THIS IS NOT CORRECT!

These are two independent and separate companies with totally different management and company structures. No single individual works in both companies.

It has also become evident that a lot of you don’t really know what JAALifestyle is all about, and that many members wrongly think that JAALifestyle is the company that is bringing you paid advertisements.



So you know, JAALifestyle provides its members with a much bigger income opportunity than EEHHAAA.

The difference is that you can make some money in EEHHAAA with very little effort, but you can make many times more with just a little once off effort and time spent on JAALifestyle.

Which has been amply proven in the last couple of months!

We have members that have made more than €50,000 per month in the last two months and are on their way to doubling that amount in November 2021.

With this speed, within the next 3 months we will see the first member earning more than €1 million in Lifestyle commission in a single month.

How is this possible, you may ask? These members simply expanded their existing Personal Lifestyle Network by promoting the unique money-making features of JAALifestyle’s Lifestyle programme.

We are also seeing many members now receiving their lifestyle commissions into their bank accounts and our support team is thrilled to be getting happy feedback from our members about this.

Great news! We have just solved all the issues related to the payments of Lifestyle Commissions!

We have found out that it is incredibly difficult and expensive to send commissions via bank transfers to some countries.

We are happy to announce we have now managed to get a very good deal in place for debit cards.

This will make it a lot easier for the company to arrange your commissions and for you to get your commission in your hands. It will also be a lot cheaper as the banks will not be able to charge you the ridiculous bank charges for them to get your money into your bank account.

We will notify you next Tuesday, 2 Nov 2021 with the full overview of the Debit Card.

Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to get this facility fully operational ASAP!

The good news is you do not need to have your own bank account to order these cards.

New monthly Lifestyle activation products

We have successfully negotiated with a food supplement provider who will create very effective supplements that will be made available when you purchase the €48, €100 and €200 Lifestyle Packages being launched next week. For activating the €18 Lifestyle Pack you will receive lifestyle magazines. Details will be announced next week.

These packages will also increase your income potential with NO EXTRA WORK and NO EXTRA OUTLAY OF MONEY! We will come back with more information about these packages at the beginning of next week.

JAALifestyle is revolutionising the industry!

Some of our leaders have asked us if we can do the same as EEHHAAA and help people build their downlines. Just like the EEHHAAA’s ADV Sponsorship Packs can we make available JAALifestyle’s Lifestyle Sponsorship Packs?

Many people are naturally not comfortable talking to others about building a networking income. They do not understand the network marketing concept, as well as being shy and lacking the confidence to invite others to join the network marketing business.

We have been racking our brains to see if this is doable.

Sure enough, it is now possible.

As a company we are of course interested in getting as many JAALifestylers as possible to activate their lifestyle accounts and build their personal lifestyle network in the shortest possible time.

In consulting with some of our top leaders, we have calculated the cost of advertising JAALifestyle’s Lifestyle Programme online in a proper way with information and marketing material that is easy to understand. With appropriate marketing we believe we will be able to attract lots of people from all over the world to join our Lifestyle 2.0 Lifestyle Programme. Especially by promoting the new €18 lifestyle 2.0 activation starter package.

We will do all the work, and all you have to do is to pay the advertising cost to get these members in your first level in your personal 7-level lifestyle organisation.

We are delighted to announce two (2) JAALifestyle’s Lifestyle Sponsorship Packs.

1. The €100 Lifestyle Sponsorship Pack will cover the cost of placing 3 contactable people into your level 1. In this package, you will also get one €18 Lifestyle activation package. This pack will also earn you €1 per level in 7 levels

2. The €300 Lifestyle Sponsorship Pack will cover the cost of placing 10 contactable people into your level 1. In this package, you will also get one €18 Lifestyle activation package. This pack will also earn you €3 per level in 7 levels

This means that it is a win-win for both you and the company. You now have a unique way of building your Lifestyle network without having to do the work, and the company will have massive growth in terms of active members.


These packages will be available only for a limited time. We will come back with details on this and more in next Tuesday’s newsletter.

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