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University of California
This piece of writing is intended to be an introductory statement on the University of California. As a start of my argument, I will focus on the application of psychology in the field of education. This is because I see psychology as a basic function and must be aligned with the faculty’s perspective on teaching.

Additionally, I want to consider the psychology unit as the center of leadership in education. With this in mind, my argument will be similar to the one I would give in politics. I have had a year-long learning experience to understand my role as a leader. Therefore, I have the notion that my role is that of a mentor that educates students and inculcates leadership in them.

Importance of Psychology in Education

As I mentioned above, psychology is a basic function of education. I have mentioned two related purposes of psychology. The first is scientific research and the other is the study of culture. Therefore, psychology is a very important topic in education. As a result, the main stakeholders of the institution include the faculties and the students. Although I am aware of the role of psychology and have the advantage of learning something new, I still question its importance in education.


This argument will encourage me to analyze my argument more carefully and explore all possible information. I have taken a comparative approach and have listed the two universities. The two universities are the University of California and the UCR (University of California, Riverside, 2014).

Current Roles of Leadership

Being a teacher at the University of California the psychology unit is a very important role. Besides, the Psychology department is one of the main educational units on campus. This department consists of multiple faculties in different universities (UCR, 2014). With these in mind, we will discuss that role of psychology and the methods of leadership.


As a scholar, I get the main questions that I face at work. At the same time, when teaching, I face the necessity to make right decisions, offer an education-oriented approach, and to influence many lives. As a result, I always face the challenge of managing emotions. Herein the issue of leadership arises in this field of education. Since leadership is a broad term that has many meanings, I can analyze leadership from various perspectives.

Methods of Leadership

Leadership principles such as motivation and inclusion will play a very significant role in providing the information required to analyze leadership in this field of education. Additionally, to develop my argument I will introduce the roles of ethical leadership and the model of inclusive values (Mackenzie, 2013). Finally, to examine leadership from a practical perspective, I will introduce the BEMOLE style of leadership that will integrate both academic and non-academic expectations.

With all these in mind, I can argue that a leader should provide all relevant information to me and my students. I can expect them to also participate in the educational experience to make it more enjoyable for me and my students.

Architectural approach

Inspired by the BEMOLE leadership style I have defined that effective leadership should also pay attention to the people involved. My report will focus on the people involved in the field. There is a need to make them participate in decision-making and learning. Therefore, the philosophy of leadership, inclusive values, and other practices will be useful in my argument.

Short-term and long-term knowledge

Given that this argument is meant to convince you that leadership is a very important function in education, you can expect to develop the short-term knowledge about the theories and techniques applied. Additionally, I will also explain the methods of leadership that are appropriate in this context.


Overall, my argument on psychology in education is worth the attention. I also expect that with the revision of my arguments and some research I can learn more about my nature of leadership. I hope that with my new knowledge I will inspire students to be more interested in leadership, so that we can grow together.


University of California, Riverside, (2014). Fact Sheet: University of California, Riverside

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