How it work AI Technology

How it work AI Technology

AI technology continues to dominate almost every sector of our society and is the core purpose for the upcoming months. In this piece, I will be exploring an important technologies set among others machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision.

Machine Learning

In summary, machine learning is all about train a machine to do a task better than you by doing that task a lot faster. A machine can do one task like learning is pattern recognition but it will do a lot of other tasks too. These include:

Problem 2:Identify a biological structure using the naked eye as an example,

Finding a spot in photos that has a dent or missing teeth which gives a prompt and answers about whether the dent is good or bad based on what is happening in that picture,

Algorithms for classification of pictures into groups.

AI-(Artificial Intelligence)

The main objective of artificial intelligence is to improve human intelligence by getting a computer to learn with human-like intelligence.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is considered as the most complex area of artificial intelligence since machine learning is not able to process natural language.

When human study millions of instances and deliver words into the language where human have no programming knowledge, machine learning algorithms can learn the sentiment and meaning of these expressions and suggest what the next word should be. AI is able to recognize situations where human scientists are using language to establish the probabilities of certain events happening and in that way will be able to give suggestions to a suitable procedure.

Computer Vision

One of the most widely used areas of computer vision includes computer vision. Computer vision is an area of computer science devoted to the development of tools and methods for making use of display, cameras, sensors and optical surfaces. Computer vision involves a group of related fields, such as Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Computer Aptitude, Computer Vision for Cars, Computer Vision for Security and Computer Vision for Healthcare. The goal of computer vision is to make use of various tele-physical systems and devices, including cameras and computer hardware such as computer terminals and handsets, for capturing and analyzing real-time surroundings.

[ Here I show a bio-inspired understanding of natural sights from the brain. ]

Computer Vision Process

Computer vision for machine learning is very tricky because it’s a very common field of research that requires many things. The place we are now, it can be fun to imagine that machines will do everything with us in terms of reasoning. But it is true to say that we humans have the key abilities that machines do not have, like comparing meaning to complexity, discussing with computers their root causes, associating keywords and phrases. But how will machines do these, considering they have no money or resources? This is where AI comes into play.

For more information on Machine Learning, read here:

A day when a robot that were smart enough to learn and conversate are both capable of learning. Or is a computer intelligence?

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